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Destination Wedding Photography

May 12, 2012 -- The first thing I'll say about Jes and Gennaro is that these guys really know how to party. You could tell it was going to be a "good good night" as soon as they sashayed onto the dance floor to the same tune by the Black Eyed Peas. And their 75 close friends and family that had gathered at the paradise that is Saint Martin island in the Caribbean were NOT going to let them down. The wedding tent under the warm, island night continued to rock deep into the night. The Grand Case Beach Club in Saint Martin was one of the most beautiful destinations I've ever documented as a wedding photographer. This resort was the place where Gennaro popped the Question to Jes on a previous vacation. As soon as I saw the space firsthand, I completely understood why such a place would've inspired him. This wedding was also my introduction to the Caribbean, and believe me, I'll be making a point to go back as often as I can. I finally understood why weary New Yorkers retreated to this paradise for some serious R&R. This is also why I'm such a fan of destination weddings. Take your closest friends and family, remove them from the daily grind and give them a few days to relax and get to know everyone. It's the perfect recipe for a warm, intimate party. The rehearsal dinner took place at one of the many lolos (outdoor island BBQ shacks) where everyone feasted on immaculate ribs and grilled chicken. After the wedding, I had a chance to tour the island in my rental car. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Saint Martin wasn't all tourist-y and resort-like, but had its own sense of culture, food and vibe. And of course, there were breathtaking views at every corner of the island. Congrats to Jes and Gennaro on their wonderful engagement and for giving me the opportunity to document their special day. (Invite me back for the reunion, please!) Jes and Gennaro's Wedding at St. Martin, Caribbean - Saint Martin, Caribbean Wedding PhotographerJes and Gennaro's Wedding at St. Martin, Caribbean - Saint Martin, Caribbean Wedding PhotographerJes and Gennaro's Wedding at St. Martin, Caribbean - Saint Martin, Caribbean Wedding PhotographerJes and Gennaro's Wedding at St. Martin, Caribbean - Saint Martin, Caribbean Wedding Photographer
Photography by Jacob Arthur and Tanveer Badal
From the moment I got engaged, people were asking me who would shoot my wedding. I didn't realize I would be shooting part of it myself. I had asked a good friend and wedding photographer, Jake, if he wouldn't mind taking a few snaps. In fact, I asked him the DAY OF the wedding. I'm not a huge fan of being on the other side of the camera. Besides, my parents had hired some traditional photographer and videographer in Bangladesh so I thought it would be fine. That is, until I actually met a traditional Bangladeshi wedding photographer. I could already see my most precious day's pictures turning into a Bollywood nightmare, awkward smiles and cheesy poses bathed in hot light, ultimately encompassing the cover of a self-printed DVD box. Luckily, Jake came through. During one point we were all hanging out on the roof, trying to escape the 500 or so guests that had gathered at the Samarai Convention Center in Dhaka, Bangladesh, right across from the Bashundhara Mall. Jake was taking some snaps of Kelly when I suggested he take a detail shot of her earrings or something. "Actually, do you want to take them?" he asked. Yes. Yes, I did! I didn't know I was allowed to, but why the hell not? It was my wedding after all. As soon as I put on the camera straps, I already felt way more comfortable than I had the entire day -- posing, smiling and shaking hands with distant relatives and, often, absolute strangers. The following is a spur of the moment recap of an incredible day in my life. My most sincere gratitude to the 15 friends and family that made the trek from New York City, Los Angeles, Indiana, and even Germany to be there. My love to all the wonderful relatives and friendly people we met in Bangladesh; my parents for actually planning the entire event so all Kelly and I had to do was show up. And, of course, special thanks to Jake for the everlasting memories. Kelly and Tanveer's Wedding in Dhaka, Bangladesh Kelly and Tanveer's Wedding in Dhaka, Bangladesh
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